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Welcome to Bellevue Doberman Work Kennel

We are based in Belfast, Northern Ireland and have owned Dobermans for 29 years. We have been lucky enough to own great dogs which are smart and keen to learn. Most of them we trained as gun dogs to hunt and retrieve but over the last ten years we have been training the in obedience,agility and personal protection work. We also have a small security business were we use our dogs in the security sector to guard and protect premises in Belfast and throughout northern Ireland. We also guard workshops in county Monahan, Ireland

Dobermans in Ireland and the UK are only bred for show and not for work. They might look pretty but show them a bite sleeve or a bite roll or expect them to do as Louis Doberman bred them to do and you will be disappointed, unless you look to importing a proper Doberman. We imported a male from Poland (Eiro Pro Kennel), 3 females & a male from Germany (Hellfire Kennel), a female from Italy,my Rubin from the von Markischen Land Kennel(Germany),1 beautiful female from hungary,3 brown males from Serbia and a nice brother and sister from Poland,2 brown females and a brown male from Austria. In addition to our above dogs we are part owners with 4 other import females in england and a beautiful male in Serbia. Our imports don’t just look different with the cropped ears but they are smarter, fearless and have loads of personality. Although we have imported several Doberman over the years, there were a few that did not make the grade. They have either been weak in character, didn't work or just unsuitable for us,these dogs were placed in carefully selected homes as pets.

My kennel is a working kennel,most of our dogs have or are doing working titles,we are also members of the NASDU (national association of security dog users) were our dogs are well used to guarding solo, in pairs or with a handler. We also have our own training ground near Belfast and run a schutzhund club,Belfast K9 training 3 times a week in the summer and twice a week in the winter, our dogs are working imported cropped and docked dobes but not all the club members have dobermanns ,all of the dogs in the club do obedience, agility and bite work .Our good friend Garrit who is 1 of the best dog trainers in the world helps,instructs and advises with the BH,ZTP & IPO training (Garrit is the boss). My dogs are walked on the lead daily and do some kind of training every day when we are not at are training ground. Although my dogs are working dogs, my 4 kids play and spoil them. We are also lucky to live below “the cave hill” with beautiful hills and forest with streams that the dogs play on together, so its not all work and no play,two of my dogs have been in a movie called “Killing Bono” and appeared in the christmas edition of the Irish Independant newspaper, we have been offered other film and advertising work in London that we are considering

We build/convert vehicles not just to carry the dogs but to carry people and most of our training equipment including equipment for our security business (cameras, movement sensors, lights etc). Our own vans have 4 mounted cameras, DVD recording, 3 DVD screens and 1 or 2 other tricks that I will keep under cover. We also convert vans/cars, build cages,security gates & doors, install cameras and windows etc etc to order. We also convert vans/cars build cages,security gates & doors, install cameras and windows etc etc to order.

Over the last few years we have breed beautiful working pups and will only bred from our own import dogs that we know are health tested and will work,fearless,full of character, smart and very playful,as a dobermann should be. Anyone lucky enough to get one of our pups will be getting a full European working pup that we can guarantee the character and working ability of the parents. All our pups are legally docked and will go to their new homes with a solicitor's letter confirming the legality of the tail docking. Always ask for this when buying an alledgedly legally docked puppy.Dobermanns are a way of live for us,our hobbie not a business,we have bred 6 litters of pups in 30 years and only place our pups in homes that will be worthy of these very very special dogs.

Thanks for looking,
Drew Goodall